• Education is Boris Hurst’s Life

  • Posted on June 25, 2018
  • Boris Hurst
    For the most part, Boris Hurst’s career as an administrator in the education field has been guided by the belief that every child is capable of learning if given the right opportunity in life. That is why he works hard every day to make a positive impact on the students in his care, providing a safe and enriching learning environment that encourages children to do their best and learn everything they can.

    Ever since he was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and grew up there and in Memphis, Tennessee, Boris Hurst has been interested in education. Following his graduation from Overton High School in Memphis, Boris joined the U.S. Army Reserves, where he spent several years, while at the same time doing the work needed to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from Alabama A&M University. However, he was not finished with his education, as we went o was not finished with his education, as we went on to earn both a Master of Education degree from Cambridge University and an Educational Specialist degree from Lincoln Memorial University.

    Upon receiving those last two degrees, Boris Hurst embarked on a teaching career with Atlanta Public Schools, educating students at Archer High School and Booker T. Washington High Schools at one time or another. He then went on to establish a career as an education administrator, as he served as principal at both George Washington Carver High School and D.M. Therrell High School. At the Therrell High Educational Complex, Boris Hurst was principal of The School of Business and Entrepreneurship, where he implemented the Senior Seminar Series. That program was designed to prepare more students for the college application process.

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